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Influence is a person’s ability to motivate people, build cultures, and mold outcomes. We believe leaders have the highest influence. Our desire is to equip you and your leadership capabilities with Onebody3 tools to effectively influence those closest to you and your organization.  We coach leaders because courageous, positive, and durable leadership cannot be sustained without personal growth.

Leaders are meant for more than just having more push and pull than those they lead. We believe the strongest, most effective leaders can build cultures that others want to belong to.

We invite you to unite, understand, develop, and maximize your leadership influence as you build a culture that others will want to follow and belong to. 

-The Jens

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At Onebody3™ we care to Reset a leader’s purpose through uncertainty, change, and challenge in order to Restore the protection of their culture’s purpose and Reclaim a healthier state of well-being. 


The Reset experience was created because Onebody3™ understands the importance of the leaders influence and responsibility to their people within the culture. 


RESET equips leaders through the stress of change. Through our one-on-one executive coaching sessions we will equip leaders with tools to communicate, connect effectively, and identify stress patterns to reunite the culture to its purpose.

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