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Our Relationships


Since 2008, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with our corporate partners equipping them to be On Purpose For a Purpose.

-The Jens


"I'm amazed at how much I have used the Onebody3™ Influencer teaching to do my job. I have changed my language and how I interact with the people I lead. To be honest, this program has influenced me more than i've given credit to it. I am now inspired- there is so much more to do! I want to know and stand for the things i'm intentional about- my intentions. I've believe I have all the tools to do it."

-Tim Brands, Many Hands for Haiti

Corporate Leaders


"The most valuable part of the Influencer program are the people and the travel experience. I was so incredibly inspired by the wisdom, experiences, and perspectives of my fellow Influencers. In many ways I am the baby of the group, and I count it as a wonderful blessing to be inspired and mentored by these special people. The biggest takeaway I had from our trip was how important it is for us as influencers to be willing to hold up beliefs until others are able to hold them up- that the ultimate goal is for others to hold them up." 

-Kate Guess, Vermeer Corporation


"The concept of being 'on purpose, for a purpose' sounds simple, however putting it into practice isn't always easy.

For me personally, it was a struggle to understand how I could bring my purpose into work that didn't seem to coordinate. The Jens gave me tools to identify my own values and beliefs and once I saw that vision of what could be, I aligned to work that supported my purpose. I am now in my element and I haven't looked back. It's gratifying to  know that I not only honor myself by aligning to purpose, but I also give the best of myself to others through that alignment. 

More recently, we've partnered with The Jens to align my team I lead to a common purpose. We are a small team with a lot of initiative, but one that functions more like a track team. We each play for the same organization, but perform individually. The Onebody3™ work was instrumental in helping us see our work through a different lens and to identify how even a 'track team' could work toward a common purpose.

Today we are a high performing team who continually exercises our team agreement in order to stay focused on our team purpose."

-Barb Hunt, The Lauridsen Group



Des Moines Christian School


Pella Community School District

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Mercy College of Health Sciences



"Thank God I got involved with OB3! The experience has been so life changing— I can't even put it into words. Onebody3 enabled me to believe in myself more than I ever thought possible. Yes, we all have issues, but it is within these darkest layers of our soul where we learn to grow the most."

- Bridget Purdy 

"The perspective of Onebody3 changed my attitude. The Jens helping people discover their purpose and living in accordance to that purpose. To the future clients of Onebody3, take the tools Onebody3 offers and use them to make changes in your life, whatever they may be, to allow you to life life to its fullest!"

- Bryon Little 

"I quickly became aware that I couldn't focus on my own health with so many other things I was paying more attention to. I was getting in my own way. The gift that my employer has given to employees (offering OB3 Emerge) is incredible! Most organizations don't do this. What a fantastic benefit as an employee! 

You have everything you possible need already within you. It's time to go looking for it! People want something more! Not more emails or more phone calls, but more meaning. It's like we are all estranged from our spirit, our hearts. Allow the Onebody3 tools, coaches, and the experiences act as your guide to help you find your way back home."

- Kim Lipshutz

"Everyday we make choices that determine the outcomes in our lives. I had to decide which game I was going to play— the one society tells me to play or a bigger game called life. I can see connections now that I couldn't before because I'm listening to needs in a different way. I also listen to my own gut instincts and whispers and act on them instead of ignore. I have renewed faith in myself, a willingness to follow a blind trail, and patience to trust the process. This all allows me to stay true to who I am."

- Melissa Oneil 

"For the first time in my life, I felt really out of control in many areas. I found myself cluttered and disorganized and OB3 gave me the tools to filter through the clutter that was preventing me from pursuing my dreams and accomplishing all I wanted to do. Onebody3 gave me a framework to reflect and improve my life going forward. I discovered that by letting go of the things I have no control over, I can zero in on what is most important to me." 

- Ken Broadhead 

"I believe our purpose in life is not to be benchwarmers, but to get in the game! Action is one of the best remedies for fear and complacency, and the OB3 Model challenges participants to move through strongholds that are keeping them stuck or habitual behaviors that have made life dull and meaningless. The resiliency piece excites me! Breaking through emotional, intellectual, and spiritual roadblocks opens the paths toward purpose." 

Mische describes coaching for Onebody3 as a breathtaking journey— discovering, embracing, and moving towards becoming who you were created to be.

- Mische Leighton

"In that room, I could slowly start to let down my walls a bit. Being silly and playful helped me map out powerful relationships with intention. I began to map out my ripple of influence. The experiences helped me to understand how to deal with prioritizing people and my relationships."

- Billi Hunt 

"In sports it seems the focus is on winning or the time it takes to do a specific event. I want to move away from those ideals and towards giving your best effort. If you run a race and don't get first, or you don't beat your fastest time, then it could seem that you failed. How is giving your best effort ever a failure? It isn't."

- Mike Zeller 

"If you have the opportunity to experience OB3 Emerge, jump in with both feet. Don't hold back. Trust the process!"

- Toni Farris

"We have to keep growing and setting new goals. Onebody3 tools give people the chance to really look outside their own box and find a whole new way of looking at themselves and discover how to best handle the challenges we face. Onebody3 is for everyone!"

- Sheryl Bartleman

"The first day I was immediately drawn in by Jennifer Webster's charisma. Everything about her screamed energy, fun, and excitement! Jennifer Browne's to-the-point, take charge attitude, with an underlying softness, was something I immediately connected to."

"During my time with Onebody3, so many life changes took place, that it is impossible for me to deny that it was where I was supposed to be. It was where I NEEDED to be."

- Samantha Campbell

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