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Grey Limbo

Our Story


We began our journey in 2008 while serving on a leadership team. As we tell the story, we often say it was not love at first sight. Gifted in different strengths, we could have easily overlooked one another. Quickly identifying that we were both being led into this work, we learned and developed many of our tools to strengthen our own relationship by understanding who we are and how we connect to one another.


Jen Browne used her vision of hope and Jen Webster used her desire for connection as we laid the foundation of a business bedded out of a deep friendship and connection to one another and those we serve in the community.


Onebody3™ was founded on the ideal that you were created On and For a Purpose. Our purpose is to equip individuals and cultures to recognize their strengths and use them with intention.

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The first product of Onebody™, Emerge, is a transformational experience that leverages human potential through the discovery of identity. Since the launch of this innovative experience, we have expanded our programming globally and the Onebody3™ model has been implemented in cultures representing business, government, church, families, education, arts and entertainment, and media.

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Jennifer Browne is a co-founder and visionary leader of Onebody3™. 

She is dedicated to enhancing organizations and cultures by leveraging the human potential of their people. Through business ownership, leadership, teaching, coaching, speaking and community outreach, Jennifer helps engage people to be who they were created to be and build cultures with strong purpose. Her courage to lead with hope is contagious to those she works with.


Jennifer’s professional background began in the insurance industry while attending college. Upon graduating, she continued her career at the same agency where she has spent the last 30 years of her career - 20 of those years in ownership of the agency. Jennifer’s passion to serve communities around purpose has led her to be certified through Team Coaching International (TCI) and coach training through Coach Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching program.

Jennifer Webster is a co-founder and innovator of Onebody3™. 

She is energized by change and driven to align purpose with human behavior to impact meaningful change. Through business ownership, teaching, creating, executive coaching, team coaching, speaking and leading, Jennifer connects people to purpose and then unifies a group of people to a common vision. Her calling to protect allows her to be sure that no one is overlooked or undervalued 


Jennifer’s professional background includes over 27 years of teaching and coaching; including executive, team, individual and athletic coaching along with business ownership. Jennifer is a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor’s of science in education. She is certified through Team Coaching International (TCI) and Coach Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching program.

Supporting The Body

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