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Relationships within families play an important role in creating the foundation of social and emotional well-being, mental growth, and stability. Connecting both the parent/guardian and child's unique mindsets, thoughts, beliefs, and actions empowers each individual and family unit to live On Purpose For a Purpose.

Are you, or do you have, a high school student preparing for a next step?

Being connected and understood is an innate desire.

-The Jens

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Onebody3™ equips students with an understanding of their identity by connecting them to their unique mindset process. 

The Purposed Mindset Profile helps parents/guardians work with their young adult to determine a path for career and college readiness that will meet his/her motivational and psychological needs.


Soar™ is a learning model that was developed through 20+ years of expertise in human development and education. Our experts guide students through a process of identifying their unique mindset process and how it impacts their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.






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